About Tidewater Ag

Serving Northeastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia

Tidewater Ag strives to insure that it's clientele can remain profitable in today's harsh economic environment.

Independence is emphasized because independent crop consultants receive no income from sales of any agricultural input including: fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, equipment, etc... This allows us to give advice and make recommendations without bias.

Tidewater Ag Inc. provides timely, up-to-date, technically correct, environmentally sound, and economically feasible recommendations to its clientele. Services and recommendations are customized for each individual operation. Each operation is carefully evaluated and advised on ways of becoming more efficient.

Proud member of the NAICC and NCACA.

Consulting Services

  • Weekly or twice weekly scouting of fields
  • Recommendation based on information gathered.
  • Recommendations include: weed, insect, and disease management, and in-season monitoring of crop fertility.
1. Pre-sampling visit with each grower to identify specific problems.
2. Organized, methodical sampling of each farm.
3. Color coded lime maps.
4. Written pre-season plan addressing fertilizer/micronutrient needs, herbicide and insecticide selection, and crop variety selection.
  1. Creation variable-rate lime and fertilizer application maps
  2. Field boundary mapping
  3. Mapping the location of underground pipes, drains, and wires
  4. Mapping soil sample zones by soil type
  5. Permanent location for field drains
  6. Yield data cleaning and analysis
  • Visit and identify problems in fields not included in routine scouting programs.
  • Recommendation based on information gathered.
  • Recommendations include: weed, insect, and disease management, and in-season monitoring of crop fertility.
  • TSP Certified #03-1431
  • EQIP Nutrient and Pest Management Plans for N.C. and V.A.
  • State Cost Share Plans:
    1. N.C. Ag Cost Share
    2. Nutrient Management - VA - DCR
  • Swine Lagoon Closures
  • Cattle, Swine and Poultry Waste Utilization
  • Municipal Sludge Utilization
  • Environmentally and horticulturally sound soil fertility recommendations to landscape firms and government agencies.
  • Recommendations will be specific to the grass or plants being grown and will include lime, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients.

Research Services

  • Alfalfa
  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Winter Oilseed Rape/Canola
  • Grain & Forage Sorghum
  • Corn
  • Cotton
  • Crucifers
  • Irish Potatoes
  • Peanuts
  • Soybeans
  • Vine Crops
  • Tobacco
  • Biofuel Crops
  • Cover Crop
  • Insecticides
    • Target Pests: Thrips, Plant Bugs, Corn Earworm, Billbugs, etc...
  • Fungicides
  • Cultural Practices
    • Tillage, Population, Cover Crops, Timings, etc...
  • Plant Growth Regulators
  • Fertilizer Products
  • Herbicides
  • Located in EPA Region 2
  • Residue/RAC Trials
  • Plant back studies
  • DFR and dissipation studies
  • In-house Quality Assurance Unit
  • Biofuel Crops
  • Experience with electronic data entry, including iAdvantage, eStudy, FARM, FERN, Freddie, and others
  • Secure sites for regulated GMO trials
  • Trained and experienced in bio=compliance
  • Experience with biotech, regulatory, and trait integration trials
  • Employees trained for regulated biotech and GLP trials
  • Experience with hand-pollination
  • Experience with dry ice shipments
  • On-site weather station
  • Locations for hive tunnel and semi-field pollination environments
  • Foliar and drip-irrigation test substance application
  • Cucurbits, tomatoes, buckwheat, alfalfa, potatoes, and others
  • Small-scale seed bulk up
  • Regulated or Non-Regulated
  • 100% Purity
  • Small-plot combines designed for 100% clean out
  • Multiple locations and soil types in NC and VA
  • Capability to harvest thousands of plots per day